Hello From Waveland

From All Music:

Hello From Waveland combines the vintage power pop sound of Big Star with influences ranging from Bob Mould to R.E.M. to the Replacements. By mixing straight up rock, psychedelic county and lush orchestration, Hello From Waveland makes beautifully resonant music that speaks to the experience of living in America.

After years of playing in various Omaha, Nebraska bands, singer/songwriter Michael Jaworski moved to Seattle where he met guitarist John Randolph. The duo began playing together in Jaworski's basement, and in the winter of 2001, Hello From Waveland was formed.

The band recruited Doran Bastin on bass and Mat Mathews on drums to complete the line-up, and promptly began recording songs for their debut album. The resulting record, Strangeways, ranges from sparse and dirty arrangements to broad pop gestures, all tinged with a down home feel that evokes Wilco circa Summerteeth.


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